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Plauteau Vibes

My phase 3 training vibes (work in progress)...

In theory phase three of my training should have started this week but, after a little break in North Wales where I just enjoyed moving my body in the fresh air of the Welsh countryside (no real training plan). I’ve followed a slightly less focused approach recently which has continued back home.

Wales also coincided with our summer holiday cancellation and with the British weather slightly hit and miss, If I'm honest I'm not feeling a huge amount of pressure to get bikini ready right now.

I’ve made some fairly good progress so far, but life's priorities have shifted and although ‘getting my body back’ is on the agenda, it’s not top. My weight is still dropping without the need to ‘diet’ or track and I’m enjoying walking (lots see post Walking Is NEAT), running and swimming (once a week), and getting in some shorter (20-30 minute) strength workouts.

So, I'm embracing a few weeks’ 'plateau' before I have the energy (and motivation) to push for it again. Being a new mum is exhausting, you're not going to be able to push hard all the time and sometimes anything is a bonus (see previous post, Bare Minimum Days).

The best exercise is something you'll stick to and if there was ever a time to be reasonable about what is achievable it’s now.

I’ll be picking it up again shortly, but right now some maintenance time is on the cards.



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