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A Little bit about me....

Hi, I’m Becs!


Postnatal strength and body transformation coach founder of Strong Mums Club.   

I originally qualified as a personal trainer 2018 and have over six years experience coaching clients. Prior to having my son two year ago I worked as a body transformation coach at one of the world's leading personal training studios.


I've learned how to get clients into incredible shape through strength training (by building muscle and dropping fat) whilst dramatically improving their health, lifestyle, energy levels and body confidence.


Following the birth of my son in 2020 I'm committed to using my skills and experience to empower postnatal women to get stronger, improve their health and feel more confident.


As a mum myself, I'm all too familiar with the physical and mental impact of pregnancy and postnatal life and the huge amount of work required to simply recover from birth and get through each day, let alone workout. 

Strength training helped me hugely both mentally and physically as I navigated my own life as a new mum and it was an integral part of my own recovery from pregnancy. However, finding the time, energy and motivation (all at the same time) was sometimes a challenge. 


I’ve created Strong Mums Club to provide new mums with a supportive, sociable and friendly space to get a safe and effective strength workout, whilst still caring for their baby.


I want to empower new mums to not be afraid to prioritise their own needs and feel their strongest, healthiest and most confident self. 


I am a certified Girls Gone Strong Pre- and Postnatal Coach (the industries leading qualification for postnatal trainers) and am deeply committed to my own training and development. I am constantly striving to educate myself further to ensure that my sessions and service are the best that they can be. I place huge emphasis on correct technique and aim to empower and educate all my clients through their training with Strong Mums Club. 

I would love to hear from you so do get in touch.


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