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(with your baby!) 



Are you looking to transform your postnatal strength, health and body confidence?


Our small group personal training program is a 12-week, in-person postnatal strength transformation that will:


  • Teach you to lift weights so that you build lean muscle and get STRONGER

  • Help you implement healthy lifestyle habits to feel energised and positive

  • Transform your confidence in your postnatal body and what it can do!


During the course you'll train twice per week in a small team of four mums following a

structured and progressive weight training program specifically tailored to your

current strength, goals and fitness level.


This program will gradually increase in volume and intensity every week to ensure you

lift heavier, get stronger and see real, physical results from your training.


What you choose to do outside of the sessions is entirely down to your individual

goals and we'll put together a full health, nutrition and lifestyle program to help you...

Reach your goals and get results in a realistic and sustainable way!

What's does the transformation program involve?

The program starts with a 1-2-1 initial consultation where we'll discuss your goals, lifestyle, pregnancy and any postnatal issues you may be experiencing. 


What you choose to do outside of the twice weekly, in-person training sessions is entirely dependent on your goals and following your consultation we will provide you with a lifestyle plan which may including all or some of the following (goal dependent):


  • nutrition plan

  • additional home or gym workouts

  • additional cardio plan

  • activity targets 

  • additional health and wellbeing recommendations 

We'll provide you with a plan that not only reflects your goals, but is realistic

for your current postnatal circumstances.

You'll also receive weekly 1-2-1 check-ins with your coach who will fully support you

to reach your goals.

Oh and did we mention your baby can come too so there's no need for childcare. 

There's lots of space and large comfy mats for babies to watch, play, nap or socialise.

In our experience the babies love it too as there's so much going on. Win. Win.


Efficiency is everything right now!


A word from one of our Strong Mums...

Strong Mums Club far, far exceeded my expectations. If you're a new mum, feeling tired, isolated or mentally/emotionally drained or struggling with feeling good within yourself postpartum I can't emphasise more how much you may benefit from Strong Mums Club. I wasn't a regular gym person, I didn't know how to lift weights but our one hour small group sessions were a lifeline to building myself up post-partum. Working alongside other mothers provides the accountability I needed to get into shape and the benefits have helped in and outside of the gym.  Becs' training style is the right balance of encouragement and pushing you to go further. Also a huge bonus is bringing my baby- I can't speak more highly how Becs runs such a positive and welcoming space for mum and babies and manages a room of us like a champ! This is hands down the most beneficial mum and baby programme I"ve been to because it focused on building me up and was also stimulating and social for my son. I walked away feeling stronger, less alone and motivated. I am so grateful to Becs for building such an important programme that I wish I could gift to all new mums. Michele

Why small group training?

Small group training enables you to experience all the benefits of a personal trainer

within in a supportive team environment.  


Teams are capped at a maximum of four mums, so you'll receive lots of individual

coaching, follow a program tailored to your individual needs and your trainer can still

ensure you get the absolute most out of every workout. Time is precious!

You also get the added sociability of training alongside other mums in a friendly

environment where you can motivate and support each other to hit your goals. 


Not only do you get an incredible personal training experience, you also benefit from

a strong support network of other like-minded women who are in the same boat as you.


What's Included?



  • One-to-one initial consultation to discuss your goals, health, injuries and any pregnancy specific issues you are experiencing.

  • Initial movement assessment.



  • Progressive strength training program tailored towards your individual goals, ability and body.

  • Two group personal training sessions per week for the duration of the course (24 sessions total).

  • Additional home or gym-based workouts to complement your in-person sessions (goal specific).

Health, Diet & Lifestyle

  • Full lifestyle review and advice to improve your health and wellbeing.

  • Personal cardio plan (goal specific).

  • Personal nutrition program (goal specific). 

Progress Checking

  • Progress tracking for health markers such as sleep, stress, energy, weight.

  • Weekly individual check-ins to provide support, assess progress and review goals.

  • Regular measurements to track progress (optional - goal specific).

Sociability and Support 

  • Support network and a key opportunity to connect with local mums.

  • Friendly, supportive training environment with other like-minded women.

  • Membership of team WhatsApp for additional advice and support, check ins and weekly accountability.



£30 per session (to include all additional online training and support outlined above).

The total cost for the 12 week transformation (24 sessions) is £720 (payable in two

instalments - £360 per six week period). 

You can secure your place on the next team with an initial deposit of just £100.

Training Times


MONDAY 11-12

THURSDAY 11.30-12.30















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Victoria Park Harriers & Tower Hamlets Athletics Club, St Augustine's Hall, Cadogan Terrace, London, E9 5EG
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