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Postnatal training focused on rebuilding strength and improving overall fitness.


Our mum & baby strength training sessions are the ideal place to help you reconnect

to your muscles and get you moving again in the postnatal period.


These laid back, friendly classes allow you to pop in for a decent workout as and

when you fancy it. We use a bodyweight and resistance band strength training together

with low impact cardio to build strong muscles, improve your fitness and leave you

feeling energised.

We currently offer two class types:


This class the ideal class to reconnect to your muscles and get you moving again in the

postnatal period. It uses a combination of resistance band and bodyweight exercises to

give you a full body strength workout, together with low impact cardio, to build strong

muscles, improve your fitness and leave you feeling strong, healthy and confident in your

postnatal body and what it can do.


Postnatal circuit training class using TRX, dumbbells and bodyweight exercises to rebuild

your postnatal body and build lean muscle.


Sessions are suitable for all levels of your postnatal journey, with regressions and

progressions available so that you can adapt the workout to your own level and pace and

keep progressing as you get STRONGER!


Experience all round health benefits, that important post-workout endorphin hit and the opportunity to connect with other local mums on the same rollercoaster as you. 


Our classes are 100% baby friendly so feeding, changing, napping and crying are all acceptable and expected. Workouts can also be fully adapted on those days when your little one just wants to be held, to ensure you still get the most out of the class, whatever the circumstances.

Mum & Baby Strength Training

'These workouts are a highlight of my week! I Leave feeling the endorphins pumping and feeling amazing. Becs makes sure the workout suits everyone’s individual needs on their postpartum journey and it’s a safe space for the babies to entertain themselves- love it!'

Rosie, Tower Hamlets, 35, mum of one 

'Since giving birth, I’m so excited to have found a class that marries all the things I loved from before (the challenge, intensity and camaraderie) whilst being baby friendly. Becs creates a supportive and fun atmosphere for the mums and the babies. The workouts are tailored for our individual needs. I’ve left the classes feeling so glad I went, with a nice ache in my glutes and a load of endorphins. Would recommend' Emma

'Becs’ parent and baby classes are brilliant - the perfect environment to improve postnatal fitness. The babies love crawling around and playing together, while Becs makes sure we get a great workout. She is creative with the exercise routines so it stays fun, keeps a careful eye on our techniques and posture, and motivates us to increase the intensity at our individual pace.' Rosa 

Training Session
Mums and babies in exercise class.



Monday  11.30am (The Old Fire Station, Stoke Newington)

Thursday 10.30am (Victoria Park Harriers Run Club) 


Wednesday 10.30am (Move Studio London, Bow)




Victoria Park Harriers and Tower Hamlets Athletics Club

St Augustine’s Hall 

Victoria Park

Cadogan Terrace 

E9 5EG

How Much 


£11/13 per session 


Mums warming up in exercise class.
Location map for mum & baby class - Victoria Park, London.
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