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I've thoroughly enjoyed the small group PT programme. After months of half hearted attempts, it was great to have a structure, goals and workouts that I'd committed to in advance, making me far more likely to actually do them!


I've found the helpful encouragement (and accountability) from Becs invaluable, and have been able to clean up my diet, increase my cardio in manageable ways and quit the tired/emotional eating habits. I'm super happy to have met my weight loss goals earlier than expected, I'm back in my pre-maternity clothes and feeling energised, happier and healthier. I'm also feeling stronger and it's such a good feeling to find some exercises easy now that were nearly impossible before I started.


I'd definitely recommend Strong Mums Club to other parents, it's great value for money, Becs is super positive (but also understanding) and it's a nice way to meet other Mums in the same boat. 

The small group personal training sessions are brilliant and I would definitely recommend them. I feel much healthier and am certainly a lot stronger than I was before I started, which is handy with a growing baby to look after. I honestly didn’t think I’d be lifting the sort of weights I am now when I started, and really appreciated having someone to help guide me through starting to work out again safely and properly.


Becs is an excellent trainer, tailoring exercises to my new mum bod, she kept me motivated, pushed me when I need it, and is an excellent baby entertainer when needed too. I really appreciated having a couple of hours a week to look after myself, in a space that is very baby friendly with other mums who are all in the same boat. Looking forward to the next sessions! 

After the 8 week program I have lost 3-4kg, I feel stronger, healthy and generally more confident.  I feel like my pre-pregnancy self, more comitted to a healthy lifesyle choices and back jogging. 

Becs is a brilliant trainer. She is very laid-back.  I always felt very motivated but never stressed. I felt safe doing all the exercises weights. I've previously had a history of lower back discomfort and she has always kept this in mind and I havent had any back problems since starting the program. I think becoming stronger has helped my back and all my joints generally. I hope to maintain these changes!







Strong Mums Club gave me the confidence to get back to running, cycling and swimming after my second baby. The sessions are great at building up strength in a fun and relaxed environment, where babies are welcome.  You are in safe hands with Becs.  She will tailor the sessions to individual needs and will always make sure you leave having felt the burn!  These classes were a regular feature of my maternity leave and I would recommend to any new mum.

I started the program three months after my baby daughter. My main aim was to get back into the swing of exercise after a year off. I wanted something fun, supportive and challenging. I feel that Becs and Strong Mums delivered that. Becs was a great PT and I felt very supported. Becs went out of her way to write a program that was suitable for my fitness level and took into account an injury I had at the time. I now feel stronger both mentally and physically since completing the program. I would recommend to anyone wanting to get back to exercise after having a baby.

After 8 weeks I have lost 9cm from my waist

After 8 weeks I have lost 9cm from my waist and 6% of my total weight. I am so much stronger and my energy levels are the highest they have been since the birth of my 3rd child. I am so surprised at the progress in 8 weeks, I was lifting weights I couldn’t have even picked up at the beginning.  My diet and nutrition has changed and supports me on my journey to being a strong mum! ​Thank you.





I did the 8 week small PT sessions in the hot and sweaty summer of 2022. Each week we lifted heavier weights and by the end of the program I really felt the difference. Being a mum is so physical, feeding, carrying, get on and off the floor. Strong mums really helped me feel a lot stronger and more energetic even when fairly sleep deprived. 

Becs also supports and educates you around the nutritional side of things. Importantly we learnt about the low calorie side of drinking, champagne and tequila is preferable- but not together! 

I’d really recommend it, I felt great after the classes and where else can you take your baby (and occasionally toddler too) workout, make friends and have a laugh.

Strong Mums club far far exceeded my expectations. If you're a new mum, feeling tired or isolated or mentally/emotionally drained or struggling with feeling good within yourself post-partum I can't emphasize more how much you may benefit from Strong Mums. I wasn't a regular gym person, I didn't know how to lift weights but our one hour small group sessions were a lifeline to building myself up post-partum. Working alongside other mothers provides the accountability I needed to get into shape and the benefits have helped in and outside of the gym.  Becs' training style is the right balance of encouragement and pushing you to go further. Also a huge bonus is bringing my baby- I can't speak more highly how Becs runs such a positive and welcoming space for mum and babies and manages a room of us like a champ! This is hands down the most beneficial mum and baby programme I"ve been to because it focused on building me up and was also stimulating and social for my son. I walked away feeling stronger, less alone and motivated. I am so grateful to Becs for building such an important programme that I wish I could gift to all new mums.