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Protein Shake Or Chocolate Indulgence?

Let's have BOTH.

If you saw our instagram recently you'll have seen we posted about three reasons to include more protein in your postnatal diet.

If you didn’t catch it, I’ve summarised below:

  • Your birth recovery - protein literally rebuilds the cell in your body so plays a huge part in recovery from pregnancy and birth.

  • Your training - protein is required to build and repair your muscle fibres after training. Eating enough to support your training is vital if you want to get stronger and grow muscle.

  • Your fat loss goals - if fat loss is one of your postnatal training goals, protein has the added bonus of being particularly satiating. This means that on a high protein diet, you will feel fuller for longer. This can lead to reduced cravings and snacking on less nutritious foods. Eating a high protein diet can play a pivotal role in any fat loss strategy you may be embarking on (as and when you’re in the right place to do so - as always totally no pressure here).

Essentially whether you are looking to get stronger, lose body fat or do both….


But so is indulgence.

So here's how to make THE BEST chocolately, nutritious, protein shake.

Protein shakes are one of the quickest and easiest ways to get a good serving of protein into your day and a great mum-hack if you are rushing around with little time to prepare food.

Below, you’ll find my favourite recipe for a chocolate protein shake.


1 Scoop chocolate protein powder (aiming for 20-30g protein)

1 Banana (added nutrients and sweetness)

1 Handful frozen blueberries (added nutrients)

1 Tablespoon peanut/almond butter (added protein and healthy fats)

1 Teaspoon cacao powder (ramps up the chocolate flavour and also a great source of magnesium)

Almond milk (or water)

Ice (as required)


Add all the ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth.

Yes it is that simple.

Full of nutrients, tastes like a treat!

Enjoy. :)



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