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Dieting? Let's Get The Basics Right

The healthiest way to lose weight.

We’ve probably all followed a fad diet at some point in our lives. I remember embarking on a few interesting ones back in the day.......sucked in by the appeal of easy, speedy weight loss!

A fad diet promotes an unrealistic or unhealthy rate of fat loss with no or very little scientific evidence. This can also include a diet which cuts out entire food groups.

And whilst you may lose weight fairly quickly, whether you tried Keto, toast, cabbage soup, detox teas, Cambridge, diet pills… might also have experienced some fairly unhealthy side effects when it came to sleep, skin, energy levels and your general ability to have a nice life.

Diet trends will come and go but the science-based facts behind fat burn are fairly simple.

You have to be in a calorie deficit to lose body fat and whilst a lot of fad diets do create a calorie deficit (14 days of cabbage soup is not good news for long-term survival) these are also fairly unhealthy and unsustainable ways to lose weight and you’re more likely to put the weight back on as soon as you start to return to any sort of ‘normal’ eating.

You need fuel for way more than just your weight.

The food you eat is helping to keep you alive, to stop you getting sick, to keep your organs working effectively.

Your body needs nutrients to thrive, maintain bodily functions, produce milk and fight off disease.

Particularly as a mum you have to care for your body and give it the nutrients it needs.

You are no longer just responsible for yourself.

Your body needs fuel to live its best life.

Your body needs fuel to train and build muscle.

So before you consider detox teas, fasting or cutting out entire food groups.

Start with getting the basics right.

Start with a balanced whole food diet.

Start by increasing your fruit and vegetables.

Start by drinking more water.

Start by increasing your protein.

Start by cutting out those foods you know aren’t making you feel good or helping you reach your goals.

Start by fuelling your body with foods that will keep you fuller for longer, improve your digestion, and energise you so that you actually want to get up and move your body.

Start with a little consistency.

It’s not flashy but it works, it’s backed by science and it will keep you alive.

Need some help with your nutrition? We provide nutritional programs for all of our group personal training clients in line with their individual goals. Whatever these goals are, the fundamental principle behind our nutritional approaches is to eat for health, energy and satiety so that our clients can feel their best.



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