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How To Get Started Training At Home

I’m going to be honest, despite having a small (very small) home gym and a decent amount of equipment, training at home is probably my least favourite way to train.

It’s just not the same as going to a gym. is efficient, and as a new mum, that’s often exactly what you need.

Get it done and swiftly move on with the rest of your life.

If you’re trying to decide how best to get started at home whilst you adjust to mumhood, here’s a few simple ways to get started.

  • Timed workouts - I’m a big fan of these at home, particularly for those early post-partum days where motivation may be lacking. It’s easier to comprehend a short workout and using a timer keeps you on track and minimises procrastination. If you’re just starting out (or short on time) I would set a timer for 20/25 minutes, set up work/rest intervals for each minute (e.g. 30s work/30s rest or 45s work/15s rest) and just start with a few basic exercises to ease you back in. Promise it’ll fly by.

  • Equipment - Obviously the more you have the better in terms of variety and intensity but.... if you're just starting out (and particularly if you're short on space) you can't go wrong with a set of pull-up bands, a decent glute band and of course a baby for added resistance (dumbbells work pretty well too).

  • Write it down - Writing down what you do has a few benefits. Firstly, less time spent trying to work out what to do next (efficiency is key) and secondly, you have a record so that next week you can do the same again (less thinking time). You get stronger by progressively doing more each session so it helps to remember what you did last time. Repetition is key.

  • Entertain Yourself - Need distracting? My go to is usually music or a podcast, but go for whatever is most likely to get you started.

  • Follow an online workout - There’s a lot of free and paid workouts around so try a few and see what you enjoy. As above, its worth sticking to the same workout for at least a few weeks if you really want to see results as this is how you'll get stronger.

  • Tell yourself you’re just going to do 10 minutes - This works so well if you really can’t be a**** but feel you need to do something. Chances are you’ll carry on once you’ve started anyway and if not….you did 10 minutes! Progress made.

  • Try shorts bursts during the day - These work really well if you’re super busy, tired or lacking motivation. I currently have one client attempting two minutes an hour. It all adds up.

It doesn’t need to be elaborate or complicated, you just have to start.

If you’re looking to get real results from your training time and don’t quite know where to start, get in touch and we'll help you make the most of whatever time you have available.



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