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New Year, Positive Vibes

I sat down at the end of last year to do a bit of reflection.

What went well (or not so well), what I learnt, what made me happiest and what I wanted to do more of in 2022.

I’m hugely grateful for 2021. It was the year I became a mum and (whilst I’m aware this may be an unpopular point of view), it has been one of my happiest.

Yes life was slower; sleep was sporadic and leaving the house (getting dressed) before 11am, was often an exceptional achievement. But, having spent most of my adult life living at 100 miles per hour, I learned to let go.

Self-imposed work deadlines were often missed by weeks not days, workouts were short (consistent but short) and I quickly learnt that If I wanted to do anything remotely productive then utilising nap time was the only way forward.

The rest of the time I tried to be as present as possible with Finley, because when I looked back on what I was most grateful for each day, it was always those little moments with him that could so easily have been missed.

2021 also saw the introduction of a new morning routine which no longer involved going to the gym or out for a run. Instead daily gratitude, positive affirmations and doing whatever necessary to get myself in a positive headspace to have the best day (and be the best mother) I could. Every Single Day.

This got me through those days when I felt so sleep deprived, I wanted to cry (although full disclosure there were days I did cry a little too)!

You only get one shot at life, you’ve got to fill it with as many good (great even) days as you can.

So what do I want to do more of?

Well exactly that.

Making every day the best it can be, whatever the circumstances.

Only you can dictate how you feel. Choose what feels good.

And, if you can get to the end of every day and you’ve had a good one, then you’ve nailed it.



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