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Small Habits. BIG Results.

Whatever your goals are in life, getting to where you want to be requires work. The extent of that work will vary from goal to goal, but ultimately nothing happens without some form of consistent action on your part.

You don’t build strong muscles by going to the gym once and doing a hundred reps on every single piece of equipment.

Progress requires time, patience, consistency and structure.

Progress comes from breaking action down into consistent habits.

The good news is that when you just take it day by day, decision by decision, workout by workout. When you just keep taking the steps in the right direction, you will eventually get to your destination.

But what if that goal requires time you just don’t have right now?

You have to make time.

Particularly when it comes to your health and wellbeing. You have to keep choosing to prioritise yourself and your goals. You have to keep choosing to show up for yourself, to take steps in the right direction.

When I started Strong Mums Club I knew I had so much work to do to make it a success. There was so much I didn’t know about business and so much I wanted to work on personally so that I could continually show up for my clients and my business in the way I wanted to. So that I could continue taking those small steps in the right direction, no matter what obstacles I might face along the way.

For me this came down to a need to learn. There was so much I needed to read and yet how on earth did I find time to read with a baby to look after.

Unless I was on holiday, where I could easily read a few books in a week, I barely read a book in my 20s and early 30s. Ironically I didn’t have time and whilst corporate life and hardcore socialising did take up a lot of my time, I definitely had time then, it just wasn’t a priority.

Since Finley and having now truly discovered the meaning of ‘I don’t have time’ I now read daily. Not for hours on the sun lounger with a G&T in hand, but for 10-20 minutes every night before bed. This daily habit has led me to read over 25 books since Finley was born. The amount I have learned and the impact this has had on my life and business is huge and yet the habit itself is so small…go to bed 20 minutes earlier and read.

This principle can be applied to any area of your life. Think what you could do if spent just 10 minutes every day that bit more wisely.

  • Planning your food for the following day if you’re dieting,

  • Stretching out tight muscles that cause you daily grief,

  • Rehabilitating your pelvic floor for a leak free life,

  • Moving more to improve your fitness,

  • Meditating to feel aligned, happy and grateful.

We often look at our big goals and feel so overwhelmed we don’t know where to start.

But the key is just to start small, with simple daily habits, so that you are taking consistent action towards your goals.

That is where the magic happens.



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