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Here he is.......Finley Lewis Masters

Born 14 February 2021 and weighing in at 8lbs!

In life, there are definitely times to push hard and times to take your time. With so much going on mentally and physically the post-partum journey is a marathon, not a sprint.

Rest, recovery and feeding are my priority for the next few weeks so here's a very brief summary of my nutrition and training (or lack of) three weeks post-partum.


My Nutrition is currently dictated by two important factors, recovery and feeding. A surplus of nutrients are required for both so this is not the time for dieting. Plus we have way too many treats in the kitchen to think about this just yet!

Food consumption has been GOOD and I’m focusing on covering all bases on the nutrition front.

  • Nutritious, well-balanced meals (Protein, Fat, and Carbohydrates).

  • Lots of fruit and veg.

  • Cake or chocolate after every meal (excluding breakfast).

  • A few drinks to toast the end of every day.

The plan from next week is to start reigning things in slightly (although not too much) so……reduce the cake to once a day and swap the wine for an evening G&T. Baby steps.


I’m still feeling slightly delicate from the birth (lovely long labour resulting in an unplanned caesarian) so formal training is off the cards for a few more weeks. The main goal has been to regain my pre-preggo walking skills and after a few super slow strolls around the park (pram doubling up as a zimmer frame) I'm happy to say I'm almost back to full pace. Dancing around with Finners in my arms is also proving popular.

Provided that I can move my body in some way every day I’m not worried about how I get my exercise in and I'm happy to hold off 'working out' until my body is fully healed.

Slow and steady....



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