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'Pregnant' - WTF.

A day in the life.....

Lockdown started off fairly smoothly. Newly(ish) married and childless, I still liked my husband (think it’s mutual) and being confined to a small space with him was pretty fun. We were enjoying a break from life, seeing each other more than an hour a day (I was usually up and out by 6 am and not back until 8 pm) and had some hectic ‘party for two’ weekends (old habits die hard).


Initially, I was just a bit tired and emotional but my ability to cope was diminishing. I felt stressed, weak, and was getting less productive. I was training for the London Marathon at the time and training was getting tougher and tougher. I was becoming super breathless and felt a frequent urge to walk mid-run. Given the timing, I put it down to lockdown ‘burn out’, cut down on booze, and focused on some R&R, but no amount of head-clearing activities or strong coffees did the trick.

Then came some pretty full-on and somewhat irrational break downs, one of which culminated in me calling my husband a **** (we’ll say douche) for talking too loud on the phone. It was 930pm. He hasn’t done it since.

Something was definitely up. I felt unbalanced, hormonal, was seriously lacking energy, and was drained of any enthusiasm, except for sleep – naps were life.

The day I finally took a test (putting it off for as long as possible makes the result way more inevitable!) I was doing an Instagram stories takeover ‘A Day in the Life of a Personal Trainer’. One segment I had planned was on marathon training which, given my recent physical deterioration, was going to be interesting. My ‘training’ that day involved cycling to a nearby hill (more of a slope less than 5 minutes from my house), sitting down, posting a video about hill sprints then cycling back to bed for a nap. Authenticity at its finest.

Surprisingly neither the nap nor the ‘Pregnant’ that popped up on the numerous pregnancy tests I did that evening made it onto my ‘Day in the life’.

But what a day.


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