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Trimester One - Training (And Nap) Diary

I get all women experience pregnancy differently but personally, the first trimester was definitely a low point.

I kept my training pretty chilled.

Marathon training, and indeed any running, stopped and I actually didn’t run again until about 16 weeks (and then only once). Some people continue throughout pregnancy but I was exhausted, slow and breathless. I wasn’t enjoying it and couldn’t face it so took the pressure off.

Instead, I cycled, walked, and just enjoyed moving my body (when I could), getting some fresh air and focused on activities to alleviate the constant state of ‘about to vom’ hangover.

Good times.

Due to lockdown, my heavy strength workouts had already been replaced with lighter home workouts so I continued with these when I had the energy and did what I could.

Listening to your body is key.

Sometimes you’re better off going back to bed or sitting on the sofa eating cake.

That said I did my best. Reducing my expectations and exercising more intuitively in those first few months definitely helped. As a result, I still worked out most days – even if some ‘workouts’ were 20-minutes of yoga, a cycle around the park, or walking to the bakery.

I’m sure there are some women out there smashing their workouts during those first few months and good for them. I did what felt right for me and generally felt better after whatever that was. Some days, you're just destined to feel like crap all day and on those days, sleep is the best thing you can do.

Growing a human being is apparently not a walk in the park, particularly in that first trimester so listen to your body, let yourself rest, and take the pressure off if you need to. In the grand scheme of life, 12 weeks is nothing and it does get better so hang in there.



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