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An Overview Of My 2022 Training.....And A Little Guidance For Setting Your 2023 Intentions.

How did my training look as a mum of a one-year-old?


It was(is) still worlds away from pre-baby life when I was working long hours in a gym. Life revolved around training my clients or myself.

This last year was a little different.

Now more than ever, I’m aware of the season of life I’m in and becoming a mum is a fairly all-consuming season if ever there was one.

At the start of 2022 I was still balancing full-time mum life with starting a business and my own training. I prioritised work during naps, so training consisted of short home workouts (25 min max) and some fairly sporadic runs.

The general vibe was ‘do what I could when I could' which was totally fine and 100% necessary.

There are so many things you feel you SHOULD be doing as a mum. However, we all have different lifestyles, priorities and recovery opportunities, so you have to go with what works for you and your particular circumstances.

Building Strong Mums Club was my main priority (after Finley) so that’s where a significant portion of my energy went.

I wanted to get stronger and feel better in my body, so this goal wasn’t ignored, but you don't need to spend hours in the gym to do that.

It doesn’t need to be your main priority, it doesn’t need to be the first thing you do when your babies asleep, it just needs to be something that you do, and do enough to make a difference.

You just need a bit of consistency.

Most of my strength training wasn’t particularly structured or progressive, it was just about moving my body to feel good and gradually lifting heavier when it felt right.

Once I had some regular childcare, I joined the gym to do some heavier workouts. I was getting in at least one weekly heavy session and was really enjoying the gym environment until the time came for marathon training to start.

The Marathon

Training for a marathon with a one-year-old was not a decision I took lightly. It’s a huge time commitment and felt pretty daunting - I mean how on earth was I going to be able to fit all those miles into my already full life.

I took it one day at a time, one run at a time, and did what I could.

Again it was about re-prioritising and strength training quickly took a back seat (as did a few hours extra sleep).

It wasn’t perfect. There were missed runs, shortened runs, heatwaves, long cycles (due to injury), and even a few long runs followed by all-day benders (not advised for recovery purposes) but I got there!

There’s something about lining up at the start knowing everything you’ve been through to get to that point. Knowing I’d spent the past 2.5 years growing, birthing and nurturing a new human being and was still lining up for the London Marathon.

Crossing the finish line was an incredible experience and up there with my best moments of 2022.

A real milestone in my postnatal recovery. I’d absolutely loved every second of the marathon, had run a fast time and felt fitter than ever.

Something I’m being reminded of over and over again as a mum is that you can still do whatever you want to do in life, you just have to prioritise it.

Forward planning

Training recently has been a hybrid of running and home workouts with a focus on moving to feel good. So in the New Year, like a lot of newbies, I’ll be signing back up to the gym with a view to doing some heavier lifting and following a slightly more structured plan.

There’s a certain base level of strength I want to achieve and maintain, and the rest will be down to what I enjoy and feels good for my body.

I’ll also be continuing running for the fitness and overall mental health benefits.

So, if the New Year’s got you thinking about what you might be able to achieve in 2023, then first consider this......

  • Make sure it feels good - Life is too short and time too limited to be doing something because you think you should. Make it enjoyable.

  • Don’t focus on anyone else - Your body, your lifestyle, your baby are all individual. You have to do something that works for you and your circumstances.

  • Be kind to yourself - Us mums have a lot on our plate! Life does not always run smoothly and there will be times when things don’t get done! Do what you can and don't stress about the rest.

Honour this new season of your life and remember it won’t be cut yourself some slack.

It may be far from perfect but it doesn’t need to be!

It doesn’t have to be your number one priority, but if you want to see results, it has to be enough of a priority.

Strong Mums Club are here to help you achieve RESULTS that make you feel good. We work with clients both in person and online, so if you feel you could do with a bit of support to transform yourself this year check out our website and get in touch.

Happy New Year and here’s to a strong and healthy 2023……



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