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And we're back...

Despite not missing training too much over the last six weeks (newly born Finners is managing to keep me fairly well occupied), the training plan has been written and ready to go for a while. I’m keen to get back on it, push my body again (not immediately), and maybe experience some ‘newby gains’ after such a break from any formal training.

Phase 1 training plan is predominantly about building my strength back up so my plan for the next four to six weeks (progress dependent) is as follows:


Three full-body strength training sessions per week (minimum - if I can squeeze in more I will but no pressure at this stage)!

I have written three programs and will be switching between these each time I train.

All exercises can initially be done with bodyweight/low weight and I’ll be progressively building up the intensity each time I train.

Phase 1 (first four to six weeks) comprises mostly large compound exercises (squats, deadlifts, rows and presses) which involve larger muscle groups for maximum impact. Efficiency is key.

I’ve programmed exercises in paired upper/lower body supersets. I’ll get more work done in a shorter space of time as I can rest one body part whilst working the other (time is a limiting factor in life right now). Again, efficiency is key.

Exercises for this phase will be performed for timed intervals rather than counting reps. I generally prefer this training method for home training as I have a lot less weight and it keeps the intensity up. Timed intervals will also be useful with a baby as I know exactly how long each part of the workout will take and can split up into shorter workouts if needed. Timed intervals also assist in keeping rest periods to a minimum to keep the intensity up on bodyweight/lower weight exercises.


The plan is to start running again from 12 weeks post-partum (six weeks away), so cardio for the next few weeks is to continue walking which doesn't require any additional recovery and comes with the added bonus of a nap (Finley not me).

I’ll be doing cardio three times per week and on these days the goal is a minimum of x15,000 steps with a fast-paced walk.


I’ll be aiming for a minimum of x10,000 steps on rest and strength training days.

So this is the plan for the next four to six weeks (progress dependent) starting this week. Six weeks should take me to three months postpartum at which point I intend to up the ante with something a little more intense.

Here we go...



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