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Do you have a breaking point?

That point where you’re forced to let go and say no.

I’ve always lived a fairly fast-paced life, fitting as much as possible into each day and making the most of life!

But, over the years my breaking point has cropped up now and again, for me it usually goes like this...

I’ll be getting ready to go out, usually forcing myself to the point where I’m showered, make-up is done and I'm about to get dressed. The breakdown occurs at the point of getting dressed, either because I can’t find anything to wear and it tips me over the edge or because I have something to wear but physically can’t bring myself to take that next step and commit. I don't have it in me.

Then comes the realisation that no matter what I do, I’m not going to get my energy right, to show up as my best self.

I have to make a decision.

Push through and risk full on public breakdown, or surrender and let myself rest.

I usually spend at least an hour procrastinating this, agonising over who I’ll disappoint if I bail (even the babysitter requires consideration nowadays) until I finally make that decision.

The one I knew deep down I should have made all along.

That decision to prioritise my own health.

The decision not to push through and put a brave face on it.

The decision to surrender and allow myself to rest.

Because when you don’t listen to that voice in your head, what happens the next day…

It’s taken me years to listen to this voice, to accept that it’s ok to say no to protect my own energy. To realise that you don’t always have to be the last one standing.

We're so used to putting others needs first, when actually the most important thing is that we are feeling ok.

That we are feeling strong.

Because we not only have to look after ourselves nowadays.

For me that breaking point is natures way of interfering, making me stop and rest. I’m working on not letting myself reach that point, but often things are beyond our control, particularly in relation to sleep as a mum.

As mothers, we should all learn to tune into ourselves, to accept that we are not invincible, to not let our bodies get to that point where nature has to step in and make it impossible for us to show up how we want to.

You’re not always going to have a good day, every day. But, there are a lot of things you can do to protect your energy, to get yourself into as good a place as you can on a daily basis, to give yourself opportunities to reset throughout the day.

Whether you're a new mum or a pregnant mum, this is so important, particularly when hormones and sleep deprivation are such a huge contributor to how you feel.

One of the benefits of our online transformation program is that we educate you on some of the self-development tools required to support you through those tough days, so that you have a number of practices to fall back on to help you listen to your body, prioritise yourself, protect your energy and get into a good headspace.

Yes, we will also help transform your body but we also want to help you transform your mindset. Because the most important thing is that you FEEL strong, confident and empowered.

If this sounds of interest check out out online transformation program for details of how we can help you.



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