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Easy Post-Workout Nutrition

Follow any fitness influencer and at some point they’ll have discussed their favourite post-workout snack or meal.

Often elaborate, insta-worthy dishes that probably took as long to make as the workout itself.

The problem is, as a new mum, if you have any free time at all, you’ve probably spent it doing your actual session and don’t have time for a detailed recipe post workout.

Don’t stress.

You will still get results if you don’t have the luxury of the perfect post workout meal at the perfect time.

Firstly, in terms of meal timing, yes in an ideal world having a meal within 90 minutes post workout is optimal but you can still get results and make progress, providing that you’re eating the right foods (and the right amount of food) over the course of your day.

Just make sure you eat a nutritious meal or snack when you can.

In terms of what that is? It will depend to some extent on your goal but for general strength and fitness goals you’re essentially aiming for a balance of protein and carbohydrates.

Protein to help muscle growth and repair after your workouts.

Carbohydrates to replace the energy you’ve used to workout and give your body enough energy to build muscle.

(Fats are also fine post-workout).

So basically, just make sure you eat when you can and aim for something balanced and nutritious for maximum benefits.

When time is in limited supply, I’ve added a few of my favourite grab and go options below:

  • Protein bar

  • Protein shake or smoothie (with fruit and protein powder)

  • Fruit and boiled eggs

  • Greek yoghurt and fruit

  • Overnight oats with protein powder

  • Cooked meat & vegetables/fruit

If you can plan ahead and have one ready for after your workout....great, but if you don’t, you are not going to completely negate your workout if you don’t eat straight away. Just eat a decent amount of protein and carbs next time you get a chance to eat.

And congratulate yourself on the fact you managed to workout at all.



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