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Five Awesome Benefits Of Small Group Personal Training

Why small group personal training (with your baby) is the way forward for new mums wanting to get strong.

Small group personal training is essentially a personal training session (with a few friends along for the ride).

The service includes a one to one consultation, a program tailored to your individual needs, lots of individual coaching, regular check-ins, progress assessments and a nutrition and lifestyle plan tailored to your individual goals.

This should all be provided when you hire a good personal trainer.

Do it in a group you also get a few additional benefits:

Motivation – Training with other people allows you to receive additional motivation from your team mates, as well as your coach so that you can push harder and reach your goals quicker.

Accountability – Let’s face it, life is BUSY and you could come up with a million reasons to miss a session if you’re only letting your coach down. But, the added level of accountability to your team mates may make you think twice. The more accountable you feel, the more likely you will be consistent.

Fun – The more the merrier (well, more up to a maximum of four in this case). Training In a small group has been shown to increase your overall enjoyment of the sessions. And let’s be honest, with time pretty limited nowadays, you’ve got to focus on what makes you happiest.

Support Network – Do not underestimate the power of training with other like-minded women on the same post-natal journey as you. Seeing the same faces each week will increase your support network and help you build long-lasting relationships.

Cost Effective – You’re on maternity leave, paying for a Personal Trainer right now might seem a tad excessive. In a small group you get all the benefits at a fraction of the price, plus some 'childcare'.

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