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Happy Mum, Happy Baby

I listened to a podcast recently discussing the keys to a happy child and something resonated with me.

You’ve got to look after mum first.

If mums will follow.

I thought back to my own experience as a first time mum and it felt so true. On the days you’re well rested and feeling positive it's so much easier to be your best version of mum.

Obviously life isn't always like that and we all have days where everything is more of a struggle. That's totally normal. Its the days when you don’t feel good that everything feels that bit less enjoyable and it's harder to be patient, fun, entertaining, attentive, present.....the qualities go on.

It’s these days that my baby always seems way less chilled.

Whether it's coincidence, perspective or they're picking up on your vibes who knows. What I do know is that everything is so much easier when you're looking after yourself and you're happy. That's when you're at your best.

So take that time to have fun, prioritise your nutrition, move your body, catch up with friends, find a moment to yourself.....make yourself a G&T! Do whatever you need to do to feel better, because the happier you are in yourself, the easier your job will be.



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