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Lessons learned from my first week of training post-baby....

(apart from getting someone to look after the baby while you train).

So, last week was my first week of training and I'm pretty happy I made the minimum targets I set for myself in terms of workouts (see previous post And We're Back... ). So far so good. My sessions (short and sweet - 30 minutes max) were all done with Finley by my side closely watching my form and it was pretty much a case of grasping the moment when it occurred.....but it can be done.

A few lessons I learned along the way.....

  • Ensure baby has somewhere to sit where they are happy and can see you (I found a baby rocker worked best for this).

  • Don’t work out too far away from said baby rocker (the classic lunge into baby rocker kick may be necessary).

  • Plan your workout ahead and get organised in advance. When that workout window appears you’re unlikely to have enough time to decide on exercise selection or set exercises up, so plan something simple and just get it done. Time is precious.

  • Don’t get hung up on music selection. Sometimes white noise is necessary.

  • Activewear is desirable but not essential. Baby sick pajamas and slippers may be the only way forward (unless you’re actually at the gym when you may want to make a little more effort).

  • Be prepared to only hit your minimum targets for the week. That’s totally ok. Not all workouts will go to plan, there’ll be disruptions and unfinished sets along the way but don’t stress, keep going and something is always better than nothing.

Just do what you can and enjoy (well try)!



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