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Meditation For Mums

An efficient way to create space for yourself.

Instead of the usual attempt at giving up chocolate for lent this year, I decided to add something positive to life instead. I’m feeling fairly balanced health-wise, so it was more about what I needed. (Not entirely sure how this works with the Christian interpretation of lent but we went with it).

I’ve been meaning to develop a consistent meditation practice for years. It boasts huge health benefits including:

  • Improved sense of wellbeing

  • Increased compassion

  • Improved focus

  • Reduced stress

  • Reduced anxiety

  • Better sleep

  • Better mental health.

I mean, even if you only experience a couple of these results it’s a win.

I’ve often recommended it to stressed-out clients but having paid for Calm (for about five years) and not actually used it more than a handful of times, I decided to take up daily meditation. With HUGE benefits, so I've included a brief insight below as to how this can help you particularly in your life as a new mum.


As someone who, up until pregnancy, was highly reliant on sleeping pills (this blog is a product of pregnancy insomnia) sleep has always been a struggle.

Whilst I’d ruled out the prospect of better sleep for the next 18 (or so), years. My dabble with night time meditation has inadvertently contributed to better sleep.

Ignoring a fair few alcohol fuelled pass-outs, meditation is by far the quickest I have ever fallen asleep.

It usually takes at least an hour (often much longer) to fall asleep as my brain goes down a variety of unnecessary mental rabbit holes. Meditation has taught me how to quieten my overactive mind (fast) ready for a good nights rest and I’m sometimes asleep within minutes.

Same time in bed…..but more sleep.


Day Time

As a mum you don’t get a huge amount of time to yourself!

One thing I’ve noticed since going back to work post-baby is just how long it takes to get my head in gear. Getting into a headspace where I can deliver training at my best, is somewhat more difficult when just minutes before, you’ve been handing over a crying baby to a babysitter. I imagine this is commonly experienced by working mums trying to balance home and work life as they hurry from one extreme to the other.

More than ever, I feel the need to mentally prepare myself for my change of focus.

Meditation creates that time and space to allow you to decide how you want to feel, reduce overwhelm, ease stress and mentally psyche yourself up.

Finding this space (even just for a couple of minutes) has been key to helping me balance mum life with starting a new business, without feeling like I’m going to burn-out.

I feel so much calmer and in control when I take time to get my head straight first.

This doesn’t mean I’ve been sitting on a meditation pillow surrounded by candles in complete silence for 20 minutes. Although I would 100% take that if I could. Often it’s just about listening to a meditation when I’m transitioning between home and work, or taking 5 minutes to slow down my breathing before I tackle my to-do list.

Time is in short supply however, you do probably have a few minutes somewhere in your day that could be better spent on something that potentially has a huge impact on the rest of your day and how you feel.



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