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The Post-Preggo Plan

I’ve spent the last few months writing about my pregnancy training experience. As a personal trainer and first -time preggo, it’s been interesting to see whether my expectations have been met and what it's really like to try and stay fit and healthy whilst growing a mini human being during a global pandemic (it really has been that long).

A key observation (exacerbated by frequent lockdowns) is that circumstances do not stay the same for long. Generally, as soon as I found something that worked for my body, the logistics would change, or my body changed and I had to adapt, move the goalposts and try something different in order to keep going.

I’ve trained pregnant clients before, but until you experience it for yourself, you can’t comprehend the full impact of the challenges presented by the many joys of pregnancy. It’s been emotional (literally) and I’m definitely excited about the prospect of not being pregnant in a few days’ time, all being well with a healthy baby.

Given the hectic nature of the last year, focusing on a weekly blog has provided me with a form of creative therapy when most aspects of my life had changed beyond my control, (usually going booze-free is reserved for January, I can work and train in a gym, hug who I want and my body stays roughly the same shape no matter how many doughnuts I sink).

So with the next chapter just around the corner, the plan is to continue blogging once a week (we’ll see how realistic that is) and when I’m ready, start the post-natal ‘transformation’ (I do need to look like a PT again at some point in the not too distant future). I’ll be discussing my own training (or lack of), nutrition, post-natal training considerations, and some of the inevitable hurdles I’ll face as I start to rebuild my own strength and fitness whilst keeping a baby alive 24/7.

My biggest challenge yet.

The ultimate goal is to finally take up my London Marathon place in 2022, (14 months postpartum) so it’ll be interesting to see just how exactly it all pans out.

To be continued....



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