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Training Phase 2

What I did......three-four months post-partum.

Life has changed (understatement) since Finners came along and I gave myself the first 12 weeks post-baby to do whatever felt right for my body and mind, no guilt. That said, I managed to get dressed and out of the house, pretty much every day (actual achievement) and I wanted to work out to feel strong again so I trained (or at least tried to train when I could). Over weeks six to twelve (postpartum - I'm calling that phase one), I’ve managed three strength workouts a week, millions of steps, and a couple of swims. Not too shabby.

Phase two I intended to hit it a little harder in preparation for a (covid permitting) holiday, (holiday now cancelled and replaced by a weekend in Sheffield - bikini body not required).

Anyway....a brief summary of what I got up to....


Increased from three to four strength sessions per week (keeping these short at 30-40 minutes), ideally comprising of two upper and two lower-body sessions (although exercise selection doesn’t always go to plan nowadays).


Phase one cardio was just steps to allow my body to recover from birth, get moving again and not interfere with recovery from strength workouts.

The new goal was (time permitting) two cardio sessions per week. Running and swimming. In reality, I rarely managed twice but definitely got one good session in a week and my step count remained super high.


12,000 steps per day on training and non-training days. I'm walking so much this takes care of itself.

That’s it, fairly simple in not much more than 30 minutes a day.

The biggest challenge is by far the logistics of working out with a small child.



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