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Why Being Strong Is The One

Having a baby is hard work.

Incredibly rewarding.

But hard work all the same.

Throughout life there’ve been numerous times when I’ve relied on my physical strength and the physical effort of training to see me through tough times.

Even as a lawyer I’d often choose to run home after a late finish to “run off the stress”. I wouldn’t usually choose to go for a run at 10pm but it worked.

Training helps ease stress and anxiety as much as work your muscles. To avoid injury you have to be fully focused on what you’re doing which serves as a great distraction.

You focus your energy on something else.

You see yourself getting stronger each week.

You feel empowered and it feels good to harness your physical strength to get through something mentally.

Maternity leave is both a mental and physical challenge. High’s and lows.

The stronger and more resilient you feel, the easier it will be. Knowing that you’ve pushed your body through training and going into it feeling strong in yourself, is a game changer when looking after a baby. It’s never going to be easy, but you feel so much better doing it.

I’ve created Strong Mums Club to empower you to get stronger. Not only to build muscle or to look and feel better, but to give you something to focus on, something you can do for yourself, something where you can truly see yourself moving forwards.

You can then take that feeling of strength and empowerment and apply it to the rest of your life.



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